One Year

One Year of COVID-19: More Than 5,400 Deaths in Arkansas

By Emma Dannenfelser Nearly one year after the COVID-19 virus became a public health crisis, more than 5,400 people in Arkansas have died from the virus.  The death rate remains steady…

Weekly Video: A Year of COVID-19

March 11, 2021, marked one year of COVID-19. This week, we’re taking a look back at the data trends over this past year with assistant editor Katy Seiter. We’ll be looking at…

A Change in Mandates

Gov. Hutchinson announced his decision to extend the COVID-19 public health emergency through March 31 today with a few changes. Mask wearing is the only mandate that has been renewed, and all…

Vaccine Safety with José Romero

In Governor Asas Hutchinson’s press conference this week, Dr. José Romero stressed the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Romero is the cabinet secretary for the Arkansas Department of Health.


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