Rachell Sanchez-Smith

Rachell is a journalism major at the University of Arkansas School of Journalism and Strategic Media.

Most Common Questions about COVID-19 Answered by Health Expert

By Rachell Sanchez-SmithArkansascovid.com As cases continue to spike, Arkansas faces low vaccination rates and divisions over COVID-19. We reviewed reader comments and spoke to a leading medical expert to answer the questions…

Children Represent 30% of All Arkansas COVID-19 Cases, Governor Says

By Rachell Sanchez-SmithArkansascovid.com Children under age 18 represent 30% of active COVID-19 cases, Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Tuesday at his weekly press conference. The delta variant of the virus, far more contagious…

COVID-19 Hospitalizations Jump in North Central Arkansas

By Rachell Sanchez-SmithAransascovid.com The hospitals in the North Central region of Arkansas reported an influx of COVID-19 patients to the state health department, leading to an unfolding hospitalization crisis over the last…


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