As Vaccinations Proceed, Life in Poinsett County Returning to Normal

By Haley Hale

Poinsett County in eastern Arkansas has a little over 11 percent of its population fully vaccinated, slightly below the state average of 12.79 percent as of March 16.

Megan Bruce, the Office of Emergency Management coordinator for Poinsett County, said life is coming back to normal. “As far as Poinsett County goes, basically everything is opened,” she said.

Poinsett County consists of eight incorporated cities and six school districts for its population of just over 24,000. The county reported 13 active cases as of March 18, up from nine active cases a week earlier. Statewide, there were 2,676 active cases as of March 20.

“We’re not like a big county, you know, with like restaurants or anything like that,” Bruce said. 

Bruce said that everything is going well with vaccinations as far as she knows. Four pharmacies are currently offering vaccinations for eligible people. “We don’t have any planned clinics, but there are pharmacies in our county that are doing vaccinations, but we’re not planning any big clinics as of right now,” she said.


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