Hispanic Community Encouraged to Attend Vaccination Event at Little Rock Church

By Ravi Brock

A Little Rock church is holding a mass vaccination clinic next week and is urging members of the Hispanic community to attend.

The Longley Baptist Church in southwest Little Rock is planning a mass vaccination event on April 24 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The event hopes to attract 500 people.

COVID-19 safety protocols will be followed closely, said Brenda Stallings, one of the main organizers. “Everybody will be double-masked. Everybody working will be double-masked. Everybody who comes into the church will be double-masked,” she said. All staff will also change gloves and disinfect their station after administering each dose.

The church is trying to reach the Spanish-speaking public through a combination of social media, radio announcements and old-fashioned word of mouth.  The Robert Tellez Law Firm and another church primarily for Hispanic people will be working on the outreach. Translators will be at the clinic.


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