Arkansas records COVID-19 surge following Thanksgiving

By Katy Seiter


Since Thanksgiving, all counties in Arkansas saw COVID-19 cases increase by 40 percent or higher, according to an analysis of Arkansas Department of Health data, vivid evidence of how the holiday season helped promote a surge in the pandemic.

The biggest increase was in the Delta, where Lincoln County, population 13,695, had an 85 percent increase in COVID-19 on a per capita cases between Nov. 26 and Jan. 7.

Arkansas’ border counties recorded big spikes in the virus. Chicot County, located along the Arkansas-Mississippi border with a population of 10,826, saw an 81 percent increase in per capita cases.

On the other side of the state, Sevier County, located near the southern end of the Arkansas-Oklahoma border, recorded the third highest rate, a 79 percent increase in COVID-19 per capita cases since Thanksgiving.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson has attributed the surge to Thanksgiving and encouraged those traveling for Christmas to get rapid COVID-19 tests and minimize social gatherings.

Statewide, Arkansas recorded a 51% increase in COVID-19 related deaths in December. On New Year’s Day, the state Health Department reported a new daily high of 4,304 cases statewide, indicating the holiday COVID-19 surge is merely beginning.

Katy Seiter

Katy Seiter is graduate student in the School of Journalism and Strategic media and an intern with


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