Active case analysis for June 29

Here’s what we know about the 5,926 Arkansans who are currently ill with Covid-19:


Most of them, 53%, are men.


The state doesn’t know the race or ethnicity for 39% of active cases.

For those for whom a race or ethnicity is available:

35% are white, 13% are African American, 10% are a race not listed, and 6% are Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander. Of those with ethnicity data, 17% are Hispanic or Latino.


The largest age group of active cases is aged 25-44, with 35% of the cases. Next is the 45-64 year age group with 24% of the cases. Those aged 18-24 make up 14% and 0-17 years make up 13%. The smallest group of cases (11%) is among those aged 65 or older.

Facility Types

The vast majority (89%) of people currently infected are not incarcerated or housed in a nursing home or other congregate setting.  Nine percent of active cases are in prisons or jails in Arkansas, and 2 percent are in nursing homes.

One person who is currently sick is listed as homeless.



Rob Wells

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